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Max Tell / Max Tell's Poems / 10 Samples

Poem List

My Teacher Was a Creature . . . 1
Always Feed Your Monsters . . . 2
Mr. Twister Upside Down . . . 3
I Wish I Weren't a Monster . . . 4
The Knight and the Ogre . . . 5
Dexter the Dog Didn't Wand to Be Dead . . . 6
Monster in My Bed . . . 7
Pumpkin Pie Dad . . . 8 
Words . . . 9
Bobby Kaboomba . . . 10

1) My Teacher Was a Creature

My teacher was a creature.
She scared me half to death.
The tallest thing I've ever seen.
She made me loose my breath.

She wasn't really grumpy.
She wasn't really mean.
I never heard her grumble.
I never heard her scream.

I really learned to love her
In spite of all her hair.
What really makes her special?
She's a teddy bear.  

(c) Robert Stelmach 2012
a.k.a. Max Tell

2) Always Feed Your Monsters

I didn't mean to let them loose,
The monsters in my room.
They're very, very quiet.
They never make me swoon.

They hide away in cupboards,
In drawers, and under beds.
They never give a banshee cry,
Or fill my head with dread.

But I forgot to feed them.
They're cranky and upset.
So never starve your monsters,
This you will regret.

(c) Robert Stelmach 2012
a.k.a. Max Tell

3) Mr. Twister Upside Down

Mr. Twister Upside Down
Dropped, yes, dropped the things he found.
In they'd go, then out again,
No matter what, or where, or when.
In went cookies, out came crumbs,
Even double bubble gum.
All his very special things,
A spider's leg, a mosquito's wing,
Nothing stayed inside his pocket,
Not a worm, not a rocket,
Gummy bears or Lego men,
Nothing, nothing would stay in.
Trails and trails of this and that.
He even dropped a dried up rat.
He tried and tried with all his might
To keep things in and keep them tight.
Nothing worked not even string.
He felt a bit of a ding-a-ling.
Then Mr. Twister Upside down
Learned to walk upon the ground.

(c) Robert Stelmach 2012
a.k.a. Max Tell

4) I Wish I Weren't a Monster

"I wish I weren't a monster,"
The monster said to me.
"I wish I weren't a monster,
I wish you'd set me free."

"I wish I were a child,"
I heard the monster say.
"I wouldn't be so wild,
Or noisy when I play."

"I wish I had a mommy,"
I heard the monster cry.
"I wish I had a mommy
Who'd never say goodbye."

"I wish I had a daddy,"
I heard him whimper so.
"He'd teach me right from wrong,
The good things I should know."

I learned to love my monster,
Now share with him my bed.
I dreamed him from a monster,
To a playmate in my head.

(c) Robert Stelmach 2012
a.k.a. Max Tell

5) The Knight and the Ogre

I met an Ogre in his cave.
What a pleasant smile.
He sat upon a golden thrown.
"Talk with me awhile."

His suit was neat. His voice was sweet,
Though shadows danced about.
He looked the perfect gentleman.
He never thought to shout.

"I'm looking for a CEO,
Someone just like you."
He laughed a hardy belly laugh,
Then offered me some brew.

"I need someone that I can trust,
Who knows just how things are.
I'll teach you all the ins and outs.
With me, you will go far."

"We'll share the wealth, a fifty split,
Millions, maybe more.
Have a cherry chocolate.
Oh, please, do have some more.

He sat me in a comfy chair.
"Trust me, it's legit."
Then froze me with the strangest stare.
"But here's a healthy tip."

His eyes turned grey and mousy green.
His tongue flicked out blood red.
"If you're caught, you're on your own.
The Queen will have your head."

(c) Robert Stelmach 2012
a.k.a. Max Tell

6) Dexter the Dog Didn't Wand to Be Dead

Dexter the dog didn't want to be dead.
He wanted to play with best friend Fred.
He dug out of his grave smelly and musty.
His joints, they creaked a little bit rusty.
He ran and he frolicked, he chased his tale.
Instead of a ball, his toy was a pale.
The pale was a clanger, a zinger, a zanger
And when they collided, they made a big banger.
They woke up poor Fred asleep in his bed,
While thoughts of poor Dexter danced in his head.
Into his slippers and into his robe,
He jumped a big jump right out to the road.
There he met Dexter, the doggy dead kind,
But Fred out of bed, what did he find?
Dexter the Dog was surely alive
Like a bee with its honey fresh from the hive.
They played and they giggled and gabbled all night
Until the next morning, in morning's new light
The sun peaked out in a glory of fire
That lit up the sky higher and higher,
Then suddenly changed, not what it seemed,
But something amazing, something 
                                                    I'd dreamed.

My head on my pillow, I looked up to see
A picture of Dexter, Dexter and me,
A tear in my eye, yet a smile on my face
And Dexter the Dog in my heart full of grace.

(c) Robert Stelmach 2012
a.k.a. Max Tell

7) Monster in My Bed

There's a Monster in my desk asleep.
I call him monster Ned.
I found him there last Halloween.
He's made my desk his bed.
He's strange you know, as monsters go.
He's made of bits of string,
Paper, books & elastic bands.
His real name is Ned The Thing.
He didn't mean to gobble up
Poor teacher who was yummy.
When she tried to clean my desk,
She just fell into his tummy.

(c) Robert Stelmach 2012
a.k.a. Max Tell

8) Pumpkin Pie Dad 

Poor old Dad (last Halloween)
Gorged on pumpkin mush and cream.
He filled himself so full of pie,
It oozed like lava from his eye.
It squished a squirt right through his chin,
The pumpkin mush that he stuffed in.

He bulged out orange round and fat.
He bulged so big he scared the cat.
Surely he would soon explode,
If he shovelled one more load
Of stuff and such between his lips.
His pumpkin flesh could sink ten ships.

If he nibbled one more piece,
I feared my father's life would cease.
But in it went with all the rest,
Then waves of blubber crossed his chest,
A title wave of pumpkin cream
Ran through his body like a stream

Run wild, then canon-like, primed and lit,
He lost the stuff in a gravel pit.
Today you won't see Dad eat pie.
He knows if he does he sure will die.
His face turns green if a pie goes by,
And something spins within his eye.

Pumpkin pie, Oh, pumpkin pie.
That's why my Dad hates pumpkin pie.
Oh, but Ghoulish me, loves Halloween.
I tease my Dad with pumpkin cream.

(c) Robert Stelmach 2012
a.k.a. Max Tell

9) Words

Words are useless.   Words are dumb.
Words are anything but fun.
Words are awful, ugly, blab.
Do I read them?  I say, "Na!"
Words are yugo, puky, green.
When I see a word, I scream.

Yet, I know a word or two.
Some are old.  Some are new.
Some are happy.  Some are sad.
Some say what is good or bad.
Words can laugh and words can sing.
Words can say most anything,

So, I wonder, are words dumb?
When they speak to everyone.

(c) Robert Stelmach 2012
a.k.a. Max Tell

10) Bobby Kaboomba 

Bobby Kaboomba
Owned a bazooka
Along with an atomic tank.

He blew tangerines
To smithereens,
Pretending to rob a bank.

Bobby Kaboomba
Primed his bazooka,
Crammed it with T.N.T.

He sighted poor Harry,
Tara, and Mary,
Johnny, Jill, and me.

He squeezed on the trigger.
The charge was much bigger
Than he had primed before.

He blew through the roof.
In a cloud of smoke - Poof -
Kaboomba was seen no more.

(c) Robert Stelmach 2012
a.k.a. Max Tell

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