Friday, October 10, 2014

Simple Rhyme / ABCB

Writing a poem with a simple rhyme scheme can be lots of fun, especially when trying to rhyme with tricky words like 'queen' and 'play', the two having so few words to rhyme with. I wrote "Every Girl's a Princess" for my niece's granddaughter, Khloe.

Every Girl's a Princess

Every girl's a princess,
don’t rush to be a queen.
There is time for many things
and many in between.

For now my little princess,
let’s play as girls will play,
there is time to be a queen,
but surely not today. 

RHYME SCHEME: The rhyme scheme of a poem is most easily described with an example: ABAB means that the first line of a poem rhymes with the third line and the second line rhymes with the fourth.

Your turn. Choose a simple rhyme scheme like ABCB or ABAB and write your own poem.


Max Tell is an award winning songwriter and poet.

Here at Koetry for Pids, Max Tell features
inspirational articles
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To read a few of Max's poems, check out The Land of Graws.

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