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Max Tell / Writing Prompt / I'm a Monster

PROMPT: I'm a Monster

TEACHER: If you were a monster what kind of monster would you be?

INSTRUCTIONS: See Monday's entry for general instructions.

Below, you will find Max Tell's 10 minute notes and final draft for today's prompt.

NOTE FROM MAX: Sometimes when I do this exercise, ideas jump out of my imagination in the form or poetry, but when the poetry stops flowing, I follow whatever thought comes to mind. Do not get stuck with poetry. Let your mind be free. You can always turn back to the poetry when you re-write.

If I were a monster, I would’t fright
I wouldn’t spook throughout the night,
I wouldn’t sneak, and peak, and shriek,

I wouldn’t gouge, I wouldn’t pounce, or What I’d do would be your friend, all the way up to the end. I’d make your breakfast, do your bed, I’d even comb your hair on head, I’d shine your shoes, I’d scrub your back, I’d even try to make you laugh. I’d do whatever I can to to be the very best friend with you.

I’d tie your shoes, I’d sing you songs, I’d even shine your thongs, I’d never be the monster kind that spooks, I’d play horse, you on my back and you in a ten gallon hat.

What a friend up to the end. If I were monster, no monster would I be.

I wouldn’t smell like monsters smell. I wouldn’t stink like monsters stick I’d take a bath inside the sink. I’d help yu with your homework

I’d help you spell

I’d disappear and sit beside you
always be a friend to guide you

I wouldn’t scare, I wouldn’t dare, I wouldn’t 
I wou



I'm a ghoul, but will not fright,
Will not spook day or night,
Will not sneak, creek, or shriek,
Will not wreak, will not freak.

I will not scowl, will not prowl,
Will not growl, will not howl.
Non of this, I’ll ever do.
I’ll always be a friend to you.

I’ll wash your ears, lick them clean,
Lick your toes in-between.
I’ll make your breaky, worms and slugs,
Sprinkled well with crawling bugs.

I’ll even help you with your studies.
Let's take a selfy, us as buddies.

© Robert ‘Max Tell’ Stelmach 2014

Today's prompt was inspired by "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" by Jeff Kinney.

The concept was inspired by Pat Pattison and W.O Mitchell.

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