Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Max Tell / Poetry Game 10 / Rhyme


This is Max Tell with my 10th writing game to give the poems you write for kids a unique personal flair and a bit of a bite. 

Note: A reference to 'poems' also includes songs. A reference to 'songs' refers only to songwriting.

A special thanks to Sheree Fitch who's workshop on writing more personal and exciting poetry for kids inspired the creation of 'Koetry for Pids'.

Today's topic:

A slight change of style: as you will notice, today's Goetry Pame is in the form of a video. I plan to continue with this video formant from now on. Click, read, write, edit, and share. Please click on more to continue.


Don't forget to share your poems with family and friends. And don't forget to edit, edit, edit.

    For more of Max's poems, check out The Land of Graws.


    Next week's topic: 
    Rhyme / Part Two

    What poetry question would you like answered? Point of View? Rhyme? Something of your choice? Student questions are also welcome. Your comments below would be greatly appreciated.

    Bye for now and see you soon.

    Have a great writing day.

    Love writing, but love editing more.

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