Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Max Tell / Great Picks / Shane Koyczan / To this Day

Poetry for kids goes far beyond nursery rhymes and the wonderful works of Jack Prelutsky, Shell Silverstein, and Dr Seuss. Here is an anti-bullying PSA titled To This Day, narrated by Canadian poet Shane Koyczan and animated by dozens of animators each contributing 20-second segments.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Max Tell / Rhyme / Unlimited aaa Rhyme Scheme


This is Max Tell with my 11th writing game to give the poems you write for kids a unique personal flair and a bit of a bite. Teachers are invited to use these games to encourage their student to write poems of their own.

Note: A reference to 'poems' also includes songs. A reference to 'songs' refers only to song writing.

A special thanks to Sheree Fitch who inspired 'Koetry for Pids'.

Today's topic:

Writing a poem with a repeating AAAA rhyme scheme.