Saturday, October 18, 2014

Halloween / Writing Prompt One

Roast the Ghost One

Grade 5 and up.

Set a timer for six minutes.

Write everything a ghost did in its living life to cause it to be punished with an existence of floating aimlessly for an eternity with no friends and with nothing to do, but to mourn its many bad deeds.

Concentrate on actions, the bad things it did while alive to its enemies and friends. Try to write constantly, never lifting your pen or pencil from the page.

After the six minutes are up, highlight all the good stuff, and then write a poem, song, or story (picture book or part of a YA novel chapter) based on your notes.

Spook us out.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Simple Rhyme / ABCB

Writing a poem with a simple rhyme scheme can be lots of fun, especially when trying to rhyme with tricky words like 'queen' and 'play', the two having so few words to rhyme with. I wrote "Every Girl's a Princess" for my niece's granddaughter, Khloe.

Every Girl's a Princess

Every girl's a princess,
don’t rush to be a queen.
There is time for many things
and many in between.