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Max Tell / Writing Prompt / Boring

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PROMPT: Boring

TEACHER: What makes you bored? How do you feel when you get bored? 

INSTRUCTIONS: See Monday's entry for general instructions.

Before beginning today's 10 minute writing session, invite the class to make 'boring' faces, photograph them, and post the pictures around the room. Afterward, post the pictures and the poems out on the hall bulletin board. 

Below, you will find Max Tell's 10 minute notes and final draft for today's prompt.

my head is filled with sawdust or may even mud, I find myself so bored, my head is filled with crud. My eyes keep sliding shut, waited down, taped down, baked down, I’m melting into my desk. I’m Wakeup! Wake-up, you might miss something important. But there is nothing important when you’re bored. Come on now, give life a chance. What chance. Let me rest. But there’s a whole world out there waiting for you. Waiting for me? Why? Cause life is beautiful. Blaaaaa. Life is fun. Life is booooooring. You can’t mean that. Oh, but I can.I feel like my head’s as heavy as a cannon ball. I feel like a slug. I feel like a dirty spot on a piece of paper. I feel like nothing I have felt before. Stop the world, I want to get off. Stop the world, I’ve fallen off. Stop listening to yourself. Open your eyes. There are surprises out there that you are going to miss. I feel like an elastic band that all the elasticity is out of. My mouth tastes like. I hear everything in slow motion.  I    t   ‘   s    t   i   m   e   t   o    go   to   bed.  Someone is standing at the end of a tunnel and trying to shout back at me. It’s me. 


Boring! Boring! Life is oh, so boring,
Dragging thoughts into my brain,
Then dragging them back out again.

Boring! Boring! Life is oh, so boring,
Sawdust building in my head,
I wish I were in bed instead.

Boring! Boring! Life is oh, so boring,
Blah-blah here and blah-blah there,
Nothing there for me to care.

Boring! Boring! Life is oh, so boring,
Let me have a little nap,
Then I’ll ware my thinking cap.

© Robert ‘Max Tell’ Stelmach 2014

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Today's prompt was inspired by "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" by Jeff Kinney.

The concept was inspired by Pat Pattison and W.O Mitchell.

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